When Disaster Strikes

Will your business survive?

Business Continuity Planning:
Reduces Downtime Reduces Risk Saves You Money

Disaster recovery should be an essential part of anyone running a modern data center of any size. From small businesses with only 2 employees to companies with globally connected offices, data is king. Data is the heart of any organization and protecting it is vital as it can be the life or death of a company. Most businesses today have a data recovery plan in place, however only 23 percent of them actually test and validate their action plan to make sure it is viable and executable in the event a real disaster occurs. This can have a potentially devastating outcome and result in the permanent closure of the business. Thus, it is the job of a business continuity specialist to make sure the plan you have in place meets industry standards and using proven information technology methodologies.  


Businesses that close after a disaster
Businesses that close 2 years after a disaster
Businesses that don't test their Backup Plan
  • source: spiceworks 2018


Business resiliency starts
with a comprehensive, strategic
disaster recovery plan.

Having a proper business continuity plan insures business resiliency and recovery in the event of a natural disaster, cyber security breach or a major power failure. A major interruption to your business can have a profound effect on company profits, not to mention income, salaries, and company expenses thus it is imperative to know what to do in the event the unimaginable happens. Having an actionable disaster recovery plan using proven, effective methodologies and techniques insure a continuity strategy that  minimize losses to your businesses bottom line.


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